Madison Ivy

Born in Germany, Ivy grew up in Texas and later moved to Sacramento, California. She worked as a dancer at a strip club where she met Aurora Snow, who helped her get into the adult film industry.

  • 1,50m Height
  • Born 1989 June 14

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Tina Kay

Porn actress from Lithuania. In the porn industry since 2013, she has filmed endless videos, won many awards and continues to amaze her fans.

  • 1,75m Height
  • Born 1985 April 23

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Tina Kay in Moscow

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Why does the sperm quality of a modern man decrease?

Jane Kevin, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Center, says that it is estimated that there are about 50,000,000 infertile families in the world and their number is increasing by about fifty thousand every year.

According to the World Health Organization, one in four couples living in developed countries is infertile. According to other estimates, one in six couples in the world – 10 to 15 percent – face fertility problems. Another 10-25 percent of women experience secondary infertility, i.e. y. cannot conceive again.


Research confirms the negative effects of smoking on a man’s reproductive function.

Are you smoking and planning to get pregnant? Quit smoking now. This is one of the most important steps toward successful motherhood. Look at the facts.

The amount of sperm in the sperm decreases drastically

The decline in sperm quality is confirmed by research in various parts of the world. A lot of them have been done. As many as 101 studies were published between 1934 and 1996, showing that the number of sperm per milliliter of blood fell from 120 million to 60 million during that period. – exactly double.

One of the researches was conducted by dr. S. H. Swan of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (USA) with colleagues. The data of the study in the USA and Western European countries covered a period of 52 years – from 1938. until 1990 The number of sperm per milliliter of semen has been found to decrease by 1.5 percent annually in America and by 3.1 percent in Europe during this period!

1992 British E. Carlsen and his colleagues have spent 53 years since 1938. until 1991 results of an ongoing study. During this period, 14947 male sperm quality was tested worldwide. The number of sperm in their semen was found to have dropped from 113 to 60 million per milliliter during that time.

Why does sperm quality deteriorate?

“The quality of sperm can be assessed by performing laboratory tests – a spermogram, where the exact number of sperm, their ability to move, shape and viability are determined,” says A. kevin, a specialist in male diseases.

Research shows that 25-50% of the causes of sperm deterioration are related to lifestyle. “It simply came to our notice then. Alcohol, drugs, heavy smoking, diseases (prostatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, typhoid fever and others with a long-term fever) have a direct impact on the decline in fertility, says urologist A. Kevin. “Smoking has an adverse effect on semen density, total sperm count, motility and total motile semen.”

Men are also affected by increasing environmental pollution, high stress and constant fatigue, obesity, and even tight shorts. Taking some medicines can have a negative effect. Often the cause is varicocele-dilation of the vein of the seminal vesicle, which occurs due to dilation of the veins, failure of their valves, treated surgically.

But lifestyle and, above all, malnutrition have the biggest negative impact. And, unfortunately, very often it is not through the fault of the men themselves. Researchers have found that the quality of food is constantly deteriorating. For example, the content of vitamin C in apples since 1985. until 1996 decreased by 80% and in calcium potatoes by 70%. beta carotene in fennel – 76 percent. etc.! Comments are probably no longer needed.

sperm quality

What causes sperm to deteriorate or improve?

Studies of men with fertility problems have shown that they lack some important elements that affect spermatogenesis. First of all – L-carnitine. It is essential for sperm cells as a source of energy and can improve sperm motility and quantity. It also contains vitamin E, which improves sperm motility and increases the ability of sperm cells to bind to the egg.

These men also lacked zinc, which improves sperm cell density, increases the amount of fast-moving sperm cells and testosterone levels needed for spermatogenesis, and glutathione and selenium. Various studies have shown that both of these nutrients greatly improve sperm motility.

Other substances that are lacking in men with fertility problems include L-arginine, an amino acid (it improves sperm count and motility), folic acid, and coenzyme Q10 (an element that increases fertility, sperm count, and motility).

The beneficial effects of all the nutrients studied on spermatogenesis have been demonstrated in a number of clinical trials and trials. In one study, men used micronutrients for 3 months to look at their sperm quality – concentration, volume, and sperm motility. 136 men aged 23–58 years and with infertility for more than 2 years participated. At the end of the study (up to 120 subjects remained), 32 had normal sperm counts. 21 male partners became pregnant during the observed 6 months. An improvement in the results was also seen in the evaluation of all other parameters, in particular an improvement in sperm motility.

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Prostate disorders: Symptoms are easy to recognize

Intimate health often, especially men, tend to be concerned only when the symptoms of the disease can no longer be tolerated, but health professionals advise taking special care of the prostate because neglected diseases can lead to problems in sexual life and fertility.

You should not expect very severe symptoms or pain: less or even interrupted urine flow is one of the first signs of prostate problems.

Lukaz Sadowski

Lukaz Sadowski, a pharmacist who has been a pharmacist for more than 40 years, says that all prostate disorders have similar symptoms, and although the disease is more common in older patients, it is very important for men of any age to experience the first unpleasant symptoms such as lower abdominal, testicular or perineal pain. do not be ashamed, do not deny such symptoms, and consult a doctor immediately.

More attention to the signs of prostatitis

“Patients pay more attention to the signs of prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate results in pain in the lower abdomen, testicles, or even the inner surface of the thighs, increased frequency of urination, and blood in the urine or semen. However, men tend to admit to urinary disorders less frequently, although less or even interrupted urine flow, increased frequency of urination at night, and the difficult onset of urination may indicate prostatic hyperplasia, ”says D. Vider.


Regular prostate examination

In the initial stages of each disease, complaints are usually milder, so men often look at them with their fingers, but the pharmacist advises regular screening from the age of 50, and men with a family history of prostate cancer from the age of 45 to start prostate cancer prevention programs. . Timely detection of oncology increases the likelihood of successful treatment outcome.

The reasons lie not only in the age

Although the prostate disease affects younger and younger men, according to the pharmacist, the changes are still largely determined by age. As a man gets older, changes in the prostate gland often occur, which increases, disrupts the normal flow of urine into the bladder, and can be a major cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia. “It should also be noted that the main causes of prostatitis are microorganisms that can spread from the urethra or bladder during infection. Sexually transmitted bacteria can also be the cause. The risk may be increased by the performed surgical procedures of the urinary tract, trauma of the genitals, and no less important by the weakened immune system, therefore it is worth noting vitamins A, C, and E for daily strengthening of the body, ”notes the pharmacist. Factors such as high blood pressure or blood glucose, a sedentary lifestyle, and fatty foods also tend to be underestimated by a specialist. Proper control of these risks can delay or even prevent disruptions.

Important daily habits to prevent prostatitis

Prostate problems are also closely related to daily self-care, so care should be taken to eat a balanced diet, avoid alcohol, and reduce the amount of coffee you drink. To prevent urinary retention in the body, it is important to drink about 2 liters of water daily, as well as to ensure proper physical activity. Selenium and zinc, biologically active substances with antioxidant effects, are extremely useful for men’s health. D. Vider points out that there are more and more preparations in the pharmacy that contain natural antioxidants of plant origin, lycopene and resveratrol are especially useful for men. Regarding the possible prevention measures for prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia, the pharmacist prescribes preparations containing horizontal serenates and stinging nettles. “The substances accumulated in nettle can help maintain a healthy urinary tract and reduce the chances of bacterial infections. The biologically active components in the horizontal serenoy extract can help control prostate enlargement, ”advises the pharmacist.

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Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)

300 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. Can you imagine what a big number this is? To be clear, there are 334 million people in the USA. And those numbers are growing every day. Why? Times are changing and our lives are becoming much lazier and less active. Food is not as sweaty and useful as it was 100 years ago. In this article, we will review the TOP causes of erectile dysfunction and TOP tips on how you can regain your erection potential.

What is Erectile Dysfunction

Decreased erection, or erectile dysfunction, is a condition in which a man is unable to keep his penis stiff/strong enough and therefore is unable to have full sexual intercourse.

Unsuccessful intercourse causes frustration for both partners, but it makes men especially worried. Sometimes the erectile dysfunction you experience does not mean the disease yet, but if these disorders recur regularly, or you do not have sex for more than three months due to an uneven penis, you should see a doctor.

Sex fail

What does impact impotence?

Male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the activity of the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood circulation. Erectile dysfunction is a sign that there are health problems.

TOP 5 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Food

    Diet is very important: the food that harms the human heart also harms a normal erection.

  2. Bodyweight

    Being overweight can cause many health problems, including type 2 diabetes, which can cause nerve damage throughout the body, including the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction.

  3. High blood pressure and high cholesterol

    High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and drugs can damage blood vessels, including those that carry blood to the penis. If your cholesterol or blood pressure is high, this needs to be addressed.

  4. Alcohol

    There is no evidence that moderate alcohol consumption impairs erectile function, but chronic drinking can cause liver and nerve damage, disturb the normal balance of male hormones, and cause erectile dysfunction.

  5. Insomnia

    Poor rest, restless body – a straight path to other diseases that affect poor blood circulation and weakened blood vessels that supply the penis with blood.

How to prevent erection problems

Like most health problems, impotence can be cured within certain limits of harmful habits. You can easily correct or at least significantly improve your erection by following these tips:

  • Quit smoking
  • Follow a healthy eating plan
  • Maintain a healthy weight to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Be physically active
  • Avoid using illegal drugs

Also, by taking the food supplement VIGO CH 450, you will supply your body with Testosterone, which is the first tool to help stabilize weight, improve thought concentration, and ensure proper blood flow to your penis. VIGO CH 450 is a pure Tribulus Terrestris saponin that has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years as a natural Viagra.

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Online Porn and Erectile Dysfunction

ED or Erectile Dysfunction what is it?

ED is most common in men over the age of 40, with a weakened or absent erection. Every man loses his manhood and becomes psychologically oppressed.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Harmful lifestyles, not healthy food, stress, and other psychological problems are the main causes of Erectile Dysfunction. These days, as the pace of life becomes extremely fast and full of stress, erectile dysfunction is facing younger and younger men.

Porn videos online influence on Erectile Dysfunction

More and more men are becoming addicted to porn videos. Men choose a stronger sexual stimulation with porn videos online instead of their partner’s stimulation in bed. As a result, men will find it increasingly difficult to be stimulated by their partners and get a strong erection.

Psychological problems

Thoughts are integral to an erection. The more thoughts you have in your mind and the more daily worries you have, the harder it is to concentrate on a strong erection. Try to calm down for at least a few minutes before intercourse with your partner and think about how sexy your partner is and how you want her.

Nutrition and Erection

An unhealthy diet is the complete opposite of a strong erection. Increased cholesterol, obesity. You must take care of your body, take care of it daily, take at least 30 minutes a day to exercise or take a walk in the fresh air, and better, take your partner for a walk together. This will bring you closer spiritually.

Sex and relationships

It’s not a secret that sex strengthens a relationship with your partner. Try to have a sincere relationship with your partner, spend more time together, talk more and find a common hobby. Let your partner stimulate your Libido again.

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Signs of cheating

Even when a relationship is going really well, something unexpected can always happen. Let’s say one fine day your girlfriend gets a dream job offer in another city. Or, on the contrary, fate will give her a painful loss that will make a relationship with another person impossible at that time.

Be that as it may, the most frightening is the possibility of being extradited. Relationships require a lot of things from a person, so a situation where a girl doesn’t find the decency to divorce before meeting another is very offensive.

While no one wants to think they will be deceived, it is better to know such things in advance. So if you suspect that the woman in your life isn’t just you, here are 11 warning signs that a girl is cheating on you.

6 signs of cheating

  1. You stopped being one team. One of the best things about a relationship is knowing that no matter what life prepares you for, you will always have something to rely on. However, if you feel that you are having difficulty handling one alone, it may be a sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you.
  2. She highlights all your shortcomings. Sure, a little reasoned criticism will never hurt, but if you feel your girlfriend is just talking badly about you, it’s worth thinking about. Maybe she speaks so in order to find arguments and justify herself, why did she fall into another person’s embrace?
  3. She follows your every move. If your girlfriend constantly wants to know where you are, that’s not good. Such behavior can mean that she is trying to figure out when and where she can meet another man without being noticed.
  4. She no longer wants to talk. In a relationship, the paths of two people intersect, so it’s important for your girlfriend to know what’s going on in your life. If she wants to change the subject when you try to tell her, you know – it can result for a cheating.
  5. She stays at work. “Increased workload” is a very popular excuse. Maybe your girlfriend stays at work longer and longer because she doesn’t want to spend time with you and want to see another men?
  6. No sex left. A healthy sex life is an important part of any relationship, so cold feelings are one of the biggest signs that something is wrong. If she doesn’t have sex with you – she has it with somebody else.
Woman does not want to have a sex

Good relationships are based on trust. While every guy would like to rely entirely on his girlfriend, the subtle changes in her behavior can say a lot, so it’s worth noting. Admitting that a girl might be cheating on you, but always be clever and try to talk and try to understand her.

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Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer develops when the cells in the prostate gland change, begin to divide uncontrollably and concentrate in a derivative called a tumor. The tumor can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). A malignant tumor can spread to other parts of the body.

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor. Some prostate tumors grow very slowly, so a person does not feel any symptoms or signs for a long time. Many prostate cancer cells begin to produce too much of a protein called prostate-specific antigen (PSA). However, excess PSA levels are found not only in prostate cancer but also in other prostate diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and prostatitis (inflammation or infection of the prostate).

Affected prostate tumor

Prostate cancer is significantly different from other cancers because it has almost no spread from the prostate. Often, even an advanced prostate tumor can be successfully treated and give men with the disease the opportunity to enjoy good health and life for several more years to come. If the cancer spreads (metastasizes) to other organs and the disease is not effectively controlled, it can cause pain, fatigue, or other symptoms.

Types of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer can be of different types. The type is determined by the cells and tissues from which the primary prostate tumor developed.

Prostate adenocarcinoma

More than 90 percent. all diagnosed prostate tumors consist of prostate adenocarcinoma. Thus, almost every man diagnosed with prostate cancer has prostate adenocarcinoma. The cancer begins to develop in the cells of the prostate glandular epithelium. Many prostate adenocarcinomas grow very slowly and are prone to spread. But there are some that grow pretty fast.

Symptoms of non-cancerous and cancerous prostate diseases

Benign prostatic hyperplasia. With age, the prostate gland in men often increases. This is usually not due to cancer. This disease is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostatic hyperplasia.

Prostate cancer does not cause any symptoms at first. Many prostate tumors begin to form on the outside of the prostate gland, away from the urethra. As long as the tumor is small, it does not press on the duct (urethra) and does not prevent urine from leaving the body, so the person does not feel any change. When symptoms begin to appear, a later stage of prostate cancer is often diagnosed.

The symptoms of non-cancerous (benign) and cancerous (malignant) prostate tumors are very similar:

  • sudden urge to urinate;
  • more frequent than usual urge to urinate, especially at night;
  • difficulty urinating, urinary felt urge, effort required to start and finish the action;
  • feeling that you still fail to empty your bladder completely;
  • after finishing urinating after a few minutes, some urine may drip again and contaminate the underwear;
  • discomfort while sitting, cycling due to an enlarged prostate.
cause of prostatitis

Prostate cancer risk factors

Risk factors are any environmental factors, inherited traits, lifestyles or habits that increase the risk of cancer. Although risk factors influence the onset of cancer, many do not directly cause cancer.

What specifically causes prostate cancer is not yet well known, but some common risk factors have been identified that may increase the risk of developing this male disease.

  • Age. People over 50 are at higher risk for prostate cancer. About 80 percent. cases of prostate cancer are found in men over 65 years of age.
  • Family predisposition. Prostate cancer is thought to be caused by one or more altered or damaged cell genes. About 75 percent. cases of prostate cancer are sporadic. This means that genetic changes occur randomly after a person is born. About 20 percent. cases of prostate cancer are familial, i. y. cancer develops due to changes in genes that predominate in families and their interactions with environmental factors. About 5 percent. cases of prostate cancer are inherited. Hereditary prostate cancer develops due to genetic alterations. Altered genes are passed on to offspring. If a first-degree relative (father, brother or child) has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the risk of prostate cancer increases 2-3 times for other men in this family.
  • Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome. It is caused by mutations in the BRCA1 and / or BRCA2 genes. Although this syndrome is generally associated with an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women, mutations in these genes in men may also increase the risk of prostate and breast cancer. Mutations in the HPC1, HPC2, HPCX genes may also increase the risk, but at least one of them has not been shown to cause prostate cancer or to be a specific marker of prostate cancer.
  • Nutrition. Although there is no evidence that malnutrition or certain products can directly cause or prevent prostate cancer, many researchers see links between eating habits and the incidence of oncological diseases. Fatty foods, especially animal fats, are considered one of the risk factors for prostate cancer. To prevent prostate cancer, fatty foods should be abandoned and instead of animal fats, it is better to choose vegetables, eat more vegetables, fruits and legumes. Healthy eating should be the norm from a young age, but changing your eating habits in later years is only for the benefit.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Which treatment methods to apply to a man with prostate cancer are usually decided by a team of doctors: a surgeon (urologist), an oncologist, a radiotherapist, and an oncologist, a chemotherapist. The treatment plan is tailored to each patient, so it’s no surprise that your colleague or neighbor has been treated for prostate cancer in a completely different way than recommended to you. In order to select the most appropriate treatment, specialists take into account many factors:

  • the general state of health of the man;
  • age;
  • whether the patient has any other illnesses;
  • cancer stage and degree of differentiation;
  • whether there are distant metastases;
  • Serum PSA levels;
  • the likely side effects of the treatment;
  • what purpose of treatment is acceptable to the patient and what benefits he expects from the treatment.

The main methods of treating prostate cancer are hormone therapy, radiation therapy and surgical treatment, less commonly chemotherapy.

In addition to basic treatment to maintain a good quality of life, doctors often recommend adhering to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, moving more and using those phytopreparations that scientists have found to inhibit the progression of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and prostate cancer.


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Top 10 Best Jeans for every man

Finding the right jeans is a mission impossible. These days, there is such a large selection of a wide variety of jeans that even the head spins. Probably, just by reading you get high blood pressure.

So what do you do? When do you find a way out of this situation? In most cases, I think the answer will be – I leave it for the internet search.

We present to you the TOP 5 Men jeans trends for 2020 Summer and Autumn. You only have to choose the ones that suit you.

Best Jeans

Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Jean

Good and comfortable jeans don’t have to cost much. TOP rated jeans are the most popular choice in Europe and the US. Comfortable, fashionable and inexpensive – Slim fit men’s stretch jeans

Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Jean

Rugged Flex Straight Fit Jeans

Jeans for the active man. These jeans will ensure maximum comfort with every movement.

Rugged Flex Straight Fit Jeans

Level AirFlex Skinny Jeans

Fashionable and comfortable – these are these jeans. They usually have a variety of decorations and are the cry of the latest fashions. Even after long wear, they are not stretched out.

Level AirFlex Skinny Jeans

Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans

Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans

If you are not afraid of an ultra-skinny name, then these jeans are for you. You will feel extremely comfortable with them. These jeans are of good quality and low price.

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