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Best natural ED (erectile dysfunction) treatment

Natural erectile dysfunction treatment

According to various surveys, almost one of the three men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. However, probably not everyone knows that there are folk medicine prescriptions from this ailment that are used successfully in various parts of the world.

However, it should first be clarified for what reasons the potency weakens (ED) and what are the main factors influencing it. Of course, this refers to temporary potency disorders, not a serious illness that requires a qualified doctor or ED pills.

natural ed remedies

The biggest enemies of Erectile Dysfunction are stress and tension

Temporary potency disorders are affected by several main causes. These are constant stress, excessive physical and psychological strain, severe shocks, and experiences … Alcohol and tobacco also have a negative effect on potency. Smoking leads to narrowing of blood vessels and at the same time disrupts blood flow to the genitals. And if there is a stressful situation due to weakened potency, then the recipe is the only one: the body needs to be allowed to rest. Forget sex for a while. Engage in yoga, do a light body massage, strengthen blood circulation in the pelvic and genital area with special exercises, lie down in the bath. All of these things are very helpful in relaxing and erections improvement. Another fairly well-known recipe for folk medicine – bay leaf baths. It should be boiled in a large pot 100 g of bay leaves, and their decoction poured into the bath, add a decoction of chamomile and lie in the bath for 15-30 minutes before going to bed. It is also possible to keep the bay leaves in the bathwater for 12 hours and then lie down on it.

bay leaf baths ed remedy

Erection is enhanced by an old and many-tested recipe

According to medics, if the causes of erectile dysfunction are diabetes, overweight, exhaustion, cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to treat them. Then the problem of potency will disappear. And in other cases, you first need to strengthen the body with proteins: white meat, fish, eggs.

Probably the best known old and many-tested recipe is scrambled eggs. The simplest option is eggs fried in vegetable oil. Even better – eggs with fried onions, which contain substances that stimulate sexual activity and provide the body with energy. In addition, the potency of men is enhanced by chicken, beef, veal. Just don’t overeat. Another highly effective recipe is a dish from the testicles of sheep. Fry them with onions and beat in two chicken eggs. In Asian countries, this dish is considered purely masculine.

eggs natural erection enhancer

When the meat wakes up, eat the fish. Fresh, well-evaporated or cooked mackerel, crayfish broth – also strengthens potency. Various vegetables rich in vitamins are suitable for garnish. For example, beets, turnips, carrots, radishes.

Temperamental Italians have their own sexual enhancer

Male sexual activity is also enhanced by seafood: oysters, rapanas, mussels, filled with spicy sauces, which do not lack onions, parsley, dill, lemon juice. The aforementioned greens especially stimulate sexual activity. By the way, a few words about tomatoes. This is one of the favorite vegetables of Italian men. Because they also strengthen sexual function, improve prostate function. True, it is better if the tomatoes are stewed because they will retain all the useful ingredients. For temperamental Italians, the source of good potency is tomatoes with chopped garlic and topped with olive oil.

Garlic and olive oil for ed remedies

And Indian men always have walnuts, mindal, kunuzut, sunflower seeds on hand. Because they are rich in vitamin E, which also contributes to the strengthening of sexual function. Especially popular among Indian men are juniper seeds, which are eaten with honey. Just fry those seeds and mix them with honey. And coriander is widely used by dishes to increase libido. Its added to strong drinks.

Meanwhile, with us, probably the most popular folk medicine recipe for strengthening potency – honey with walnuts. Prepare the mixture in equal parts from walnut buns and honey. You should eat it in 2 teaspoons, 30 minutes after a meal, for 3-4 weeks.

For the French snails represent the natural Vigor

In southern countries, figs are also used to strengthen potency. In addition, it stimulates the work of the heart, liver and kidneys.

And after shelling the cedar nuts, water is added to their kernels, and the resulting white liquid is consumed in half a glass once a day.

nuts natural viagra

Men living in Asia and other Southern countries strengthen their libido with dairy and protein products: gatigas, maciones. Green tea is also recognized as a drink that stimulates sexual activity. True, in China, carnations, ginger, saffron are still poured into it, which strengthens not only the male pride, but also the heart.

snails natural aphrodisiac

In France, fresh artichokes are used to increase potency, and snails are considered viagra in many European countries.


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