testosterone boost

Testosterone and how to recuperate it?

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in a man’s life. What are the symptoms of low testosterone? How realistically can you increase testosterone levels with exercise, diet, and …

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Healthy hearth
Men's health

What is Microvascular Coronary Disease?

Angina is a typical chest pain that usually lasts for a few minutes,most commonly occurring during exercise and relieving at rest. Angina pectorisoccurs when the balance between myocardial oxygen supply …

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Porn Star Brandi Love

If size matters? Asking famous porn stars

Steven Franz went to Vegas during the AVN Awards so he managed to get into the expo and asked famous porn stars if size matters! The AVN Expo is a …

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Jeans trend 2020

Men’s Jeans trends 2020 Summer

FASHION MEN’S JEANS: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT YOU? Are you going to buy jeans? Great! Just read our guide before you go shopping! Here you will find useful information …

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