Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)

300 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. Can you imagine what a big number this is? To be clear, there are 334 million people in the USA. And those numbers are growing every day. Why? Times are changing and our lives are becoming much lazier and less active. Food is not as sweaty and useful as it was 100 years ago. In this article, we will review the TOP causes of erectile dysfunction and TOP tips on how you can regain your erection potential.

What is Erectile Dysfunction

Decreased erection, or erectile dysfunction, is a condition in which a man is unable to keep his penis stiff/strong enough and therefore is unable to have full sexual intercourse.

Unsuccessful intercourse causes frustration for both partners, but it makes men especially worried. Sometimes the erectile dysfunction you experience does not mean the disease yet, but if these disorders recur regularly, or you do not have sex for more than three months due to an uneven penis, you should see a doctor.

Sex fail

What does impact impotence?

Male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the activity of the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood circulation. Erectile dysfunction is a sign that there are health problems.

TOP 5 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Food

    Diet is very important: the food that harms the human heart also harms a normal erection.

  2. Bodyweight

    Being overweight can cause many health problems, including type 2 diabetes, which can cause nerve damage throughout the body, including the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction.

  3. High blood pressure and high cholesterol

    High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and drugs can damage blood vessels, including those that carry blood to the penis. If your cholesterol or blood pressure is high, this needs to be addressed.

  4. Alcohol

    There is no evidence that moderate alcohol consumption impairs erectile function, but chronic drinking can cause liver and nerve damage, disturb the normal balance of male hormones, and cause erectile dysfunction.

  5. Insomnia

    Poor rest, restless body – a straight path to other diseases that affect poor blood circulation and weakened blood vessels that supply the penis with blood.

How to prevent erection problems

Like most health problems, impotence can be cured within certain limits of harmful habits. You can easily correct or at least significantly improve your erection by following these tips:

  • Quit smoking
  • Follow a healthy eating plan
  • Maintain a healthy weight to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Be physically active
  • Avoid using illegal drugs

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Signs of cheating

Even when a relationship is going really well, something unexpected can always happen. Let’s say one fine day your girlfriend gets a dream job offer in another city. Or, on the contrary, fate will give her a painful loss that will make a relationship with another person impossible at that time.

Be that as it may, the most frightening is the possibility of being extradited. Relationships require a lot of things from a person, so a situation where a girl doesn’t find the decency to divorce before meeting another is very offensive.

While no one wants to think they will be deceived, it is better to know such things in advance. So if you suspect that the woman in your life isn’t just you, here are 11 warning signs that a girl is cheating on you.

6 signs of cheating

  1. You stopped being one team. One of the best things about a relationship is knowing that no matter what life prepares you for, you will always have something to rely on. However, if you feel that you are having difficulty handling one alone, it may be a sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you.
  2. She highlights all your shortcomings. Sure, a little reasoned criticism will never hurt, but if you feel your girlfriend is just talking badly about you, it’s worth thinking about. Maybe she speaks so in order to find arguments and justify herself, why did she fall into another person’s embrace?
  3. She follows your every move. If your girlfriend constantly wants to know where you are, that’s not good. Such behavior can mean that she is trying to figure out when and where she can meet another man without being noticed.
  4. She no longer wants to talk. In a relationship, the paths of two people intersect, so it’s important for your girlfriend to know what’s going on in your life. If she wants to change the subject when you try to tell her, you know – it can result for a cheating.
  5. She stays at work. “Increased workload” is a very popular excuse. Maybe your girlfriend stays at work longer and longer because she doesn’t want to spend time with you and want to see another men?
  6. No sex left. A healthy sex life is an important part of any relationship, so cold feelings are one of the biggest signs that something is wrong. If she doesn’t have sex with you – she has it with somebody else.
Woman does not want to have a sex

Good relationships are based on trust. While every guy would like to rely entirely on his girlfriend, the subtle changes in her behavior can say a lot, so it’s worth noting. Admitting that a girl might be cheating on you, but always be clever and try to talk and try to understand her.

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