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GymBeam Tribulus Terrestris 90% 120 tab

A natural stimulant to increase testosterone levels, Supports muscle recovery, Maintains muscle mass, Promotes endurance and strength and Increases sexual activity and libido.


GymBeam Tribulus Terrestris 90% 120 tab


GymBeam Tribulus Terrestris contains 600 mg of Tribulus per tablet.

Tribulus Terrestris is an herbal extract that has a positive effect on endurance, workout efficiency, strength, promotes regeneration and sexual activity.

Tribulus Terrestris and its effects:

A natural stimulant to increase testosterone levels
Supports muscle recovery
Maintains muscle mass
Promotes endurance and strength
Supports physical capacity
Increases sexual activity and libido
Proper nutrition supports spermatogenesis
Has a positive effect on the development of the immune system

Who is it for?

Tribulus Terrestris is for athletes who need to safely increase testosterone levels, muscle mass and libido. Suitable for all types of athletes.

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