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Prostate disorders: Symptoms are easy to recognize

Prostate problems

Intimate health often, especially men, tend to be concerned only when the symptoms of the disease can no longer be tolerated, but health professionals advise taking special care of the prostate because neglected diseases can lead to problems in sexual life and fertility.

You should not expect very severe symptoms or pain: less or even interrupted urine flow is one of the first signs of prostate problems.

Lukaz Sadowski

Lukaz Sadowski, a pharmacist who has been a pharmacist for more than 40 years, says that all prostate disorders have similar symptoms, and although the disease is more common in older patients, it is very important for men of any age to experience the first unpleasant symptoms such as lower abdominal, testicular or perineal pain. do not be ashamed, do not deny such symptoms, and consult a doctor immediately.

More attention to the signs of prostatitis

“Patients pay more attention to the signs of prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate results in pain in the lower abdomen, testicles, or even the inner surface of the thighs, increased frequency of urination, and blood in the urine or semen. However, men tend to admit to urinary disorders less frequently, although less or even interrupted urine flow, increased frequency of urination at night, and the difficult onset of urination may indicate prostatic hyperplasia, ”says D. Vider.


Regular prostate examination

In the initial stages of each disease, complaints are usually milder, so men often look at them with their fingers, but the pharmacist advises regular screening from the age of 50, and men with a family history of prostate cancer from the age of 45 to start prostate cancer prevention programs. . Timely detection of oncology increases the likelihood of successful treatment outcome.

The reasons lie not only in the age

Although the prostate disease affects younger and younger men, according to the pharmacist, the changes are still largely determined by age. As a man gets older, changes in the prostate gland often occur, which increases, disrupts the normal flow of urine into the bladder, and can be a major cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia. “It should also be noted that the main causes of prostatitis are microorganisms that can spread from the urethra or bladder during infection. Sexually transmitted bacteria can also be the cause. The risk may be increased by the performed surgical procedures of the urinary tract, trauma of the genitals, and no less important by the weakened immune system, therefore it is worth noting vitamins A, C, and E for daily strengthening of the body, ”notes the pharmacist. Factors such as high blood pressure or blood glucose, a sedentary lifestyle, and fatty foods also tend to be underestimated by a specialist. Proper control of these risks can delay or even prevent disruptions.

Important daily habits to prevent prostatitis

Prostate problems are also closely related to daily self-care, so care should be taken to eat a balanced diet, avoid alcohol, and reduce the amount of coffee you drink. To prevent urinary retention in the body, it is important to drink about 2 liters of water daily, as well as to ensure proper physical activity. Selenium and zinc, biologically active substances with antioxidant effects, are extremely useful for men’s health. D. Vider points out that there are more and more preparations in the pharmacy that contain natural antioxidants of plant origin, lycopene and resveratrol are especially useful for men. Regarding the possible prevention measures for prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia, the pharmacist prescribes preparations containing horizontal serenates and stinging nettles. “The substances accumulated in nettle can help maintain a healthy urinary tract and reduce the chances of bacterial infections. The biologically active components in the horizontal serenoy extract can help control prostate enlargement, ”advises the pharmacist.

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