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Amix GREENDAY® VegeFit Protein is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a plant-based protein source. It contains Pisane® pea protein isolate, rice protein and soya protein, together with AminoGen® protease enzymes, ModCarb™ cereal matrix and Fiit-ns® fruit and vegetable extracts

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  • Easily digestible
  • Easily absorbed
  • Vegetable source of protein
  • Helps to lose weight and build muscle
  • 75% protein
  • Only 1.1 g of fat per serving

Amix GREENDAY® VegeFit Protein is 75% protein and completely plant-based.

ModCarb™ is a complex of carbohydrates from grains for energy and strength support. It is formulated from five gluten-free grain varieties – oats, quinoa, buckwheat, buckwheat and millet. The unique grain matrix provides a high level of complex carbohydrates that help ensure modulated absorption and gradual utilisation by the body. It is perfectly combined with a combination of proteins.

Fiit-ns® is a proprietary blend of grapefruit, grape, green tea, guarana and black carrot extracts, providing potent antioxidant properties from a range of polyphenols.
Aminogen® is a naturally patented plant enzyme ingredient essential for those who want to maintain healthy digestion, especially athletes on specialised diets.

Use: Mix a serving (one scoop – 30 g) with 180 – 250 ml of skimmed milk, water or juice and consume immediately after training. On non-workout days, drink a serving between meals.

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Amix GREENDAY® VegeFit Protein
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