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Get a condom that’s tailored for your needs with Durex Feel Thin XL condoms. Guaranteed to be thinner and stronger than other condoms, feel confident in your choice.

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Durex Feel Thin XL – wider, more lubricated condoms. Larger than universal condoms, nominal width 57 mm, length 220 mm, wall thickness standard. Durex Feel Thin Extra Large XL condoms have an extra amount of intimate gel for comfort, better and safer intercourse.

As many of you have already noticed, all Durex condoms come in new packaging. Durex has updated the packaging of its condoms. Both the boxes and the condoms themselves are in new packaging. All Durex condoms manufactured from 2020-06 onwards and with an expiry date of at least 2025-03 will now be available in the new packaging. All shops and pharmacies will shortly be updating their Durex range with the new packaging. You can only find the old packaging if the condoms were manufactured before 2020.

Additional information:

The condoms are original, in non-promotional packaging.
Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees Celsius.
Use only water-based lubricants or lubricants suitable for condoms.

By type More lubrication
By size Larger
Thickness 0,07 mm
Length 220 mm
Width 57 mm
Made of Latex
Colour Transparent
Certificates CE, ISO 4074
Trademark Durex
Validity period 2-5 years
Check Electrically, 100%
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Durex Feel Thin XL
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