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Olimp BCAA Mega Caps 1100

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Our BCAA Mega Caps 1100 contains a potent dose of amino acids that help fuel muscle growth and reduce body fat.

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OLIMP BCAA MEGA CAPS 1100® is a highly concentrated formulation of crystalline, pharmaceutical-grade branched chain amino acids BCAA (leucine, valine and isoleucine) in a ratio of 2:1:1, enriched with vitamin B6.

BCAAs, like vitamins, are exogenous substances, i.e. they must be supplied with food.

BCAAs have very important physiological functions: productive, energetic and regulatory:

  • they make up about 35-40% of the body’s muscle tissue;
  • it is the only energy substrate that cannot be substituted, linking the fast, uneconomic metabolism of glucose with the free, economical metabolism of fatty acids; this direction of action is important during physical exercise, especially periodic intense exercise, which is present in many sports disciplines, in bodybuilding training and in fitness exercises;
  • limits protein degradation (catabolism) and promotes recovery (anabolism) – improves nitrogen balance, thus speeding up the adaptation of athletes to physical exercise, especially in the disciplines of strength, speed and power, endurance and power. BCAAs regulate fat and carbohydrate levels – enhancing the breakdown of stored fats and limiting their accumulation in the body. Free BCAAs intensify fat metabolism at the level of the whole body and at the level of muscle and adipose tissue metabolism, an adaptive phenomenon that allows the preservation of vital balance during fasting and prolonged intense work.


The need for BCAAs is significantly increased during and after exercise, under stressful conditions, in people over 40 years of age, and in the context of slimming diets.

Olimp BCAA MEGA CAPS® is recommended for:

  • Professional and amateur athletes to provide the body with energy, speed up recovery after physical exertion and improve skeletal muscle strength, mass and endurance;
  • for individuals with excess fat tissue to accelerate the effects of slimming and low weight stabilisation.

Suggested Use: 1 serving (3 capsules) 1 to 3 times a day, with plenty of water – possibly before breakfast, before training or, most importantly, after training.

Additional information

120 capsules, 30 capsules, 300 capsules

Nutritional Information

Net content: 38,7 g (30 capsules), 154,8 g (120 capsules) or 387 g (300 capsules).
Food supplement in capsules.

Nutritional and energy value In 3 capsules RMV*
Energy value






Carbohydrate (of which sugar)



Fat (of which saturated)



Vitamin B6 0,7mg 50%
BCAA profilis In 3 capsules
L-Leucinas 1650 mg
L-Izoleucinas 830 mg
L-valinas 830 mg

* - RMV reference nutrient value.

Ingredients: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, emulsifier (soya lecithin), acidity regulator (citric acid), thickener (xanthan gum), pyridoxine hydrochloride, capsule (gelatine, colour (E171 (titanium dioxide)).

Allergen information: This product does not contain allergens.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place, out of the reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding +25ºC. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Warnings: The food supplement should not be used as a substitute for food. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. It is recommended to consult a qualified health professional before use (especially for minors or pregnant/lactating women).

Best before: the date indicated on the packaging.

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BCAA 1100MEGA CAPS olimp
Olimp BCAA Mega Caps 1100
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