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Olimp BCAA Xplode powder 280g


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Olimp BCAA Xplode is an amino acid supplement that offers a complete and efficient source of BCAAs. Loaded with Lemon

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6000 BCAA dosage

Olimp BCAA XPLODE Branched Chain Amino Acid Complex with Vitamin B6 is a product designed for sportsmen.

High-quality branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine), in the perfect ratio of 2:1:1, enriched with L-glutamine and vitamin B6, which contributes to the reduction of fatigue. The product is designed for particularly active people and athletes.

Excellent solubility thanks to the highest quality super-micronized pharmaceutical grade BCAA amino acids. This is why the amino acids from BCAA XPLODE are absorbed extremely quickly and are immediately ready for the needs of anabolic and energetic processes.

best BCAA


Packing: 500 g (50 servings)

Nutritional value (10 g per serving)
Energy value 120,6kcal / 158,4 kJ
Protein 7 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fat 0,03 g
of which saturated fat 0,03 g
Sodium 0,02 g

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) 7 g
L-leucine 3 g
L-Valine 1,5 g
L-Isoleucine 1,5 g
L-Glutamine 1g

Vitamin B6 2 mg 100% *

* RMV – Reference Nutritional Value

Ingredients: free BCAA amino acids (30% L-Leucine, 15% L-Valine, 15% L-Isoleucine), 10% L-glutamine, aroma, acidity regulators – citric acid, sodium citrate, thickener – acacia gum, sweeteners – sodium cyclamate, sodium saccharinate, aspartame, acesulfame K, sucralose; bulking agent – calcium hydrogen phosphate, emulsifier – lecithin, 0.02% Vit. B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), colours: E104 (for lemon flavour), E110 (for orange flavour). Contains phenylalanine. With sweeteners. Contains phenylalanine.

Use: Mix a portion (10 g) with 200 – 300 ml of water. Take 1-2 servings per day depending on the intensity of your training – a serving before breakfast or training and a serving after training or before bedtime.

Warning. Do not take or take before or after breakfast.

We recommend that you consult a trainer, sports physician or nutritionist before starting. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Store in a dry place out of the reach of children.

Nutritional Information

Special nutrition product for athletes (with sweeteners)

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Olimp BCAA Xplode powder 280g
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