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Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme 120 caps.


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Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme ® is a dietary supplement designed to help burn fat tissue while protecting lean muscle mass.

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Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme ® contains a blend of scientifically selected and balanced ingredients to ensure the effectiveness of this supplement. It contains the most active thermogenics – Epigallocatechin (EGCG), biopiperine, tyrosine, synephrine and caffeine. What are thermogenics? Thermogenics are nutritional agents that activate thermogenesis (burning of fat by heat dispersion) while stimulating protein synthesis.

Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme ® helps to reduce fat deposits and at the same time to develop lean body mass.Thus, Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme ® is the ideal fat-burning product for those who want to have a beautiful body shape.

Ingredients, 2 capsules contain:

Green Tea Extract 500 mg

EGCG 55% 275 mg

Bitter Orange Skin Extract (6.0%) 334 mg

Containing: Synephrine 20 mg

Guarana extract (22%) 182 mg

Containing caffeine 40 mg

Caffeine anhydrous 160 mg

Bioperine ® (95%) 5.0 mg

Tyrosine 1000 mg

Ingredients:Tyrosine, green tea extract, bitter orange skin extract, guarana extract, caffeine, black pepper extract, microcrystalline cellulose as adhesive, magnesium stearate, capsule gelatine.

Suggested Use:1 capsule twice daily. 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch.

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Olimp Thermo Speed Extreme 120 caps.
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