Tips how to catch a pike

If we go fishing for pike in late fall, before picking and throwing the bait, you need to understand the habits of this fish in the cold water.

Pikes fall asleep in too cold water

Springwater in late autumn, as a rule, is warmer than the whole lake, which attracts all fish, including pike. The lower the water and air temperature, the more passive pike and other predatory fish become. In addition, fish near the Springwater are significantly more active than in other places. Thanks to the warm Springwater, autumn fishing can give you a chance to catch a trophy pike.

What bites use to catch a pike?

The basic rule for experienced fishermen is that when the water temperature approaches 14 degrees, you should start catching jigs and use silicone baits as the temperature drops.

It must be remembered that the color and movement of the bait must be maximally attractive to the pike in order for it to attack. Which means the bait needs to be as slow as possible.

One of the best baits for pike in autumn fishing is slow-sinking imitations of frogs. Very light weights and hooks should be used. You will then force the bait to slowly sink into the water, stop, lift again and force it to land easily again. It is this breeding will be most attractive for pike in cold water.

It is also possible to use twists and guide so slowly that the leaves barely spin. Such guidance simply works wonders on cold fall or winter days, especially if you are fishing near fallen and sunken trees.

Which Dardevle Spoons?

Dardevle Spoons – a bait often undeservedly forgotten by modern anglers. Curved pieces of metal not only perfectly lure pike in the fall, but can also save you from complete nonsense. Margasons can rarely resist the phlegmatic movements of this Dardevle Spoons. Depending on the type of water body and the depth of capture, you should choose either lighter or heavier glosses. The shapes of the autumn gates should also resemble the silhouette of an elongated Dardevle Spoons.

Which silicone lure?

Large, 14 – 16 cm, fish-shaped silicone rubbers with a wide, hoof-like tail. Such baits are perfect for autumn marjoram hunting. Having a pronounced but slow amplitude of movements, they force even the most apathetic pike to rise from lethargy sleep. And if they are still “edible” – there is no chance for autumn pike.


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